You are the knife I turn inside myself; that is love. That, my dear, is love.
- Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena.  (via reap)

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لن تستطيعي أن تجدي الشمس في غرفة مغلقة

You can’t find the Sun in a locked room


Ghassan Kanafani ( 1936 – 1972 ) was a Palestinian writer and a leading member of thePopular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. He was assassinated at age 36 by car bomb in Beirut by the Mossad.

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Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.
- Rumi (via feellng)
She’s sweet, but she’s fucked-up.
- Rushmore (1998) Dir. Wes Anderson (via skippingthewitches)

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